March 3, 2022

Board of Governors Meets with Chief Justice and Legislators to Discuss Legislative Session

On Friday, February 18, 2022, members of the Board of Governors (BOG) had the opportunity to discuss the 2022 legislative session with Chief Justice Martha Walters and legislative leaders. Oregon State Bar (OSB) President Kamron Graham hosted the early breakfast over Zoom. At this year’s breakfast, the Chief Justice opened with an update on the State of the Courts followed by legislators sharing their perspectives on the legislative issues and the processes this session. Over the course of the morning, the Chief Justice, legislators, and BOG members discussed a number of bills that intersected with the justice system, including: HB 4007, HB 4075, HB 4120, HB 4121, SB 1510, and SB 1543.

Thank you to the following legislators for joining us early on Friday morning to share your support for the justice system and your legislative priorities this session.

Sen. Tim Knopp (R – Bend)
Sen. Kate Lieber (D – Beaverton)
Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D – Eugene)

Rep. Ken Helm (D – Beaverton)
Rep. Jason Kropf (D – Bend)
Rep. Karin Power (D – Milwaukie)
Rep. Barbara Smith Warner (D – Portland)
Rep. Duane Stark (R – Grants Pass)
Rep. Kim Wallan (R – Medford)
Rep. Marty Wilde (D – Eugene)

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Bills of Interest

HB 4002 – Prohibits employers from permitting or requiring agricultural workers to work in excess of maximum allowable hours unless workers are compensated for overtime hours worked. Specifies exemptions to overtime compensation requirements.

HB 4086 – A mends provisions of workers’ compensation law related to beneficiaries. Expands scope of retaliation provision for workers’ compensation benefits. Amends definitions of “beneficiary,” “child,” and “dependent” and replaces term “invalid” with “incapacitated.”

HB 4105 – Authorizes duly authorized traffic enforcement agents to review and issue citations based on photographs taken by photo red light cameras or photographs taken by photo radar cameras. Defines “duly authorized traffic enforcement agent.” Authorizes duly authorized traffic enforcement agents to present evidence in trials relating to citations issued by agent.

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Public Defense Services Commission Reports to Ways and Means Committee

On February 21 and February 23, 2022, the Public Defense Services Commission (PDSC) testified on a number of issues in the Public Safety Subcommittee of the Ways and Means Committee. The first hearing focused on the compensation plan for Office of Public Defense Services (OPDS) employees.

The second hearing included two separate reports. The first was a financial update on the PDSC, and the second stemmed from direction by the legislature found in HB 5536 (2021) focusing on the reorganization of public defense services. Per Ramfjord, Chair of the PDSC, Stephen Singer, Executive Director of the OPDS, and Brian DeForest, Deputy Director of Business Services for the OPDS, presented the two reports to the Public Safety Subcommittee. Both reports were accepted, and moving forward, the PDSC is expected to continue to work with the legislature to direct funding where it is most needed while continuing to focus on its reorganization. A funding request to the legislature’s Emergency Board is expected in spring 2022.

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2023 Law Improvement Program – Proposals due April 1, 2022

Is your section or committee interested in participating in the Bar’s legislative activities? If a Bar group would like to propose legislation for the 2023 legislative session, proposals should be submitted to the Board of Governors Public Affairs Committee through the Public Affairs Department by April 1, 2022, for approval by the Public Affairs Committee and Board of Governors.

If your section or committee is interested in submitting proposed legislation for consideration to the Public Affairs Committee, please contact the Public Affairs Department for assistance. Additional information on the process can be found on the Public Affairs Department’s web page.

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2022 Oregon State Bar Officers and Public Affairs Chair

Kamron Graham,
President, Oregon State Bar
Lee Ann Donaldson,
President Elect, Oregon State Bar
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Immediate Past President, Oregon State Bar
Joseph Piucci,
Chair, Public Affairs Committee, Oregon State Bar Board of Governors

For questions about articles, legislation, or the legislative process, please contact:

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Amy Zubko, Public Affairs Legislative Attorney

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