August 23, 2023

Senate Interim Committee Membership Announced 

The Oregon Senate published its 2023–2024 interim committee assignments for legislators. The list, which can be found here, include assignments to many of the committees that historically have reviewed bar legislation, including the Senate Judiciary Committees and the Ways and Means Public Safety Subcommittee. House committee assignments are expected to be published in the coming weeks.

Senate Interim Judiciary Committee

    • Floyd Prozanski, Chair
    • Kim Thatcher, Vice Chair
    • James Manning, Jr.
    • Dennis Linthicum
    • Sara Gelser Blouin

Joint Interim Committee on Ways and Means Interim Subcommittee on Public Safety

    • Janeen Sollman, Co-Chair
    • David Brock Smith
    • Chris Gorsek

Committee assignments for the legally trained legislators are posted on OLIS, click on the name of the legislator below. House interim committee assignments are expected to be published in the coming weeks.

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House of Delegates Will Meet on October 27, 2023

The annual House of Delegates (HOD) meeting provides Oregon lawyers the opportunity to approve increases to annual licensing fees, approve changes to the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct, modify or rescind actions of the Board of Governors, and direct the Board of Governors in future actions.

This year, the HOD is scheduled to meet on October 27, 2023. On July 29, 2023, the Oregon State Bar held an orientation meeting ( The HOD includes approximately 240 members elected from the bar licensees. To meet quorum requirements, at least 50% plus 1 will need to attend.

Proposed resolutions are due to the Oregon State Bar by September 12, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.

For more information on the HOD meeting, the proposed resolutions, and reports from the Board of Governors, please visit the Oregon State Bar’s HOD webpage (

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2023 Legislation Highlights to be Published this Fall

This fall the Oregon State Bar will be releasing the 2023 Oregon Legislation Highlights.

Each year, the bar produces a book detailing many of the more significant bills passed by the legislature during the recently completed session. Bill summaries are arranged by topic, allowing lawyers to easily review those that may be relevant to their practice. Summaries are authored by volunteer attorneys who are experienced in the area of law on which they are writing, and often include useful practice tips for lawyers who are working with the new laws. Legislation Highlights is available free online for bar members through BarBooks. Editions from previous years are also available and can be an invaluable tool for a lawyer researching past legislation. If you have any questions or need more information about the 2023 Legislation Highlights, please contact OSB Public Affairs.

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The archives are available here.

2023 Oregon State Bar Officers and Public Affairs Chair

Lee Ann Donaldson,
President, Oregon State Bar
David Rosen,
President Elect, Oregon State Bar
Kamron Graham,
Immediate Past President, Oregon State Bar
Gabriel Chase,
Chair, Public Affairs Committee, Oregon State Bar Board of Governors

For questions about articles, legislation, or the legislative process, please contact:

Susan Grabe, Public Affairs Director
Amy Zubko, Director of Public Affairs

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